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Vermentino is a Ligurian wine that received recognition as D.O.C. (Controlled Denomination of Origin) on 31 March 1988. The variety originated in the Middle East, was introduced in Spain and transplanted to Corsica in the XIV century. From there it spread first to Sardinia, then to Tuscany and throughout Ligurian arc. In the temperate coastal climate it found the ideal environment for cultivation, since the variety does not thrive in cold climes. We can state without a doubt that the best results are obtained in the Province of Imperia, especially in the Diano area and in the territory of Bussana.
Organoleptic characteristics
delicate straw colour
fresh and subtle, with a hint of wildflowers and herbs, particularly rosemary and thyme, mixed with fruitiness reminiscent of apricot and pineapple, with good intensity and persistence.
Fresh, persistent and pleasantly mellow. A dry wine that goes especially well with seafood.
Wine-making process
the product involves traditional wine-making, focusing on two basic procedures:
• limiting must-marc contact to a few hours so as to obtain the fragrances
   typical of the skins and a moderately intense colour;
• controlling the fermentation of the must with the help of a fridge, keeping
   the temperature at about 20°C to enhance and maintain the typical
   characteristics of the variety.
   The result is a wine with an alcohol content of about 12°.


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